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Improving Energy Efficiency In Your Home

Energy Efficiency RatingThere are a number of simple low cost steps you can take to improve energy efficiency on your home this page will offer you some basic simple advice to help you reduce your carbon emmisions and save money.

Cavity wall insulation - Costs up to £300

  • Most properties built after about 1930 are contructed of what is called a cavity wall. This means that there is a gap betwen to courses of bricks used to create the house walls. Until 1983 the majority of walls constructed in this manor were not filled in anyway. In the majority of cases filling your cavity with a special insualting material can eliminate up 30% of the heatloss from you home. There are a large number of specialist companies that carry out this work and goverment grants are available in certain circumstances to help with the cost.  can help acheive up to an  8% increase in Energy Rating

Loft InsulationCosts up to £150 (Grants are even available)

  • In your property many properties the roof allows much of the heat to escape into the atmosphere, so or installing 250mm of loft insulation can help achieve a staggering 10% increase in Energy Rating.

Jacket for Hot Water Tank – Costs from £10 avaiable at most major diy stores including B&Q, Homebase & Screwfix.

  • Amazingly there are still many un-insulated or badly insulated tanks out there wasting massive amounts of energy. Adding a jacket or increasing the thickness of your current jacket can lead to an improvment of up to 6% in Energy Rating.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs)Costs up to £15 per radiator

  • Adding TRVs to your radiators will make your heating system far more efficient. Improvement - up to 4% in Energy Rating

Low Energy BulbsCosts up to £30 depending on the number of bulbs you have

  • Changing your ordinary bulbs to longer-lasting low energy equivalents can save you money & bulb-changes. Improvement - up to 4% in Energy Rating

Further information on energy saving meansures is available from the Energy Savings Trust.

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